The Abilities Foundation as Labour Day Project 2016
The 75 students and teachers at the Abilities Foundation are beaming after the institution received a major facelift yesterday (May 23), from over 60 volunteers attached to Monumental Partners and World Brands Services.
From as early as 7:30 a.m. volunteers began painting the building located on  Constant Spring Road,  in St. Andrew,  and planting various crops in the garden operated by the institution. They also provided material for the woodwork department.
General Manager of Monumental Partners, Christopher Goulbourne, said the project gave all the volunteers a sense of accomplishment.
“This institution is worthy,  as it is not often that the disabled community gets serious partnerships for empowerment. We identified areas that we can follow up and give support. We are going to continue  throughout the year in meaningful ways,” he said.
It is expected that a website will be built for  the school, and students will be trained to maintain it.
Managing Director of the institution, Suzanne Hamilton, said the beneficiaries are grateful for the work done.
Read more:http://jis.gov.jm/abilities-foundation-gets-facelift/